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HOME GROOMING-Desperate times, desperate measures!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

During these strange times that we are having presently, and the groomers being closed, you will need to make sure that your dog's coat does not get in a mess.

We don't expect you to do a full groom yourself but you can do small things in order to make sure that their coat stays tangle free.

Most importantly is to BRUSH, BRUSH, BRUSH!

Your dog may behave better if they are up on a table and not able to wander off.

If your dog is a poodle mix, you need to make sure that when their coat is wet that you dry, brushing to stretch the coat and prevent tangling. Make sure that you get right to the bottom of the coat, paying particular attention to the backs of their legs, armpits and chest.

If you have a double coated dog, make sure that you comb right to the skin removing any dead hair as this is what will make the coat dull and smelly and your dog will struggle to remain cool in hot weather.

Should you find a knot that you cannot remove with brushing, place a comb underneath and lift away from the skin and carefully cut under the comb.

If their hair has grown and is obstructing their vision, using some round end scissors, hold onto the hair under their chin to steady their head and carefully at an upward 45 degree angle (following the line from the corner of their mouth to the start of their eyebrow opposite side of their fact) cut the hair that is causing the obstruction.

Remember we can sort most things out when we are back in the salon, so don't worry too much if you have to take out the odd knot - just be careful with the scissors!!

Good luck.

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